Corporate Strategy

The utmost importance is placed on quality and has been the priority of the company from the day it was established. Management has always been conscious of the fact that a large consumer base exists in the ‘value-for-money’ segment. Therefore, to cater for this predominantly consumer segment the brand VICKY was divided between two distinct product categories, one being the lower priced ‘value-for-money’ product segment and the other being the premium priced and high quality product segment.

In order to provide customers with the highest quality of products the company invests in various technologically advanced machinery, which aids Vicky Sports to ensure that it operates efficiently, effectively and as per the industry guidelines. Furthermore, Vicky Sports also continuously trains its employees in the most current production processes so as to increase their skills and value and to ensure total quality management and product control. Such processes enable the company to effectively manage staff and to trace any management and production related inefficiencies to their very source.

Each product undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks, which ensures a full-proof quality check. More so, Directors also receive feedback from their distribution network on any issues pertaining to quality.